#WhatWomen Want: A toolkit for putting accountability into action
#WhatWomenWant is powered by young women and partners who want to be meaningfully involved in making change for women and girls. Using social media, it offers an innovative vehicle to amplify new voices, meet young women where they are, connect with others, lead with lived expertise, bring their solutions to the table, and build across and between issues, sectors, and movements. In order to meet the ambitious targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals and other commitments, we call for sustained investment in women-led partnerships and feminist organizing to advance gender equality and bring forth a safe, healthy, and just future.
During #CSW62, we launched #WhatWomenWant: A toolkit for putting accountability into actionThis toolkit provides a framework for accountability in action, to put women and girls in all of their diversity at the center and to bring a feminist, gender transformative lens across policy development, program implementation, research, strategies, and initiatives. Throughout, we offer examples of effective ways to inform, engage, and foster leadership among women, including young women and adolescent girls, and provide ideas for everyone to take part in meaningful accountability including women themselves, Governments, donors, and policy makers.
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