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Be the Cause

Be the Cause is a community of individuals in the USA that create enriching opportunities of service. The organization started in early 2002 with a few simple questions: "What is our purpose here?", "How can we change the world?", "Can one person really make a difference?". The members’ work benefits the community at large and changes their own lives as well. The entire organization is run virtually with no office space and entirely through the efforts of volunteers. Everyone gives freely of their own time. Volunteers in numerous cities work together to coordinate various projects and to genuinely move to a place of greater good.

The name "Be the cause" was chosen because it reflects the personal nature of the philosophy: each individual can participate in the cause and effect relationships of the universe and can influence any set of circumstances in their environment. The title also reflects our association with the various causes of the world. BTC is not solely focused on any one single aspect of progress but rather represents a larger world view. While all the pieces are important, BTC felt that there needed to be a place where all the pieces could come together, "as individual strands of thread get woven into a beautiful tapestry".