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Sonke Gender Justice Network, South Africa

The Sonke Gender Justice Network project, started in February 2006, tries to address the social and physiological aspects of the HIV epidemic, with a particular focus on gender issues. Sonke Gender Justice's vision is a Southern African region in which men, women, youth and children can enjoy equitable, healthy, and happy relationships that contribute to the development of a just and democratic society. To achieve this, the Sonke Gender Justice project works to build government, civil society and citizen capacity to achieve gender equality, prevent gender based violence and reduce the spread of HIV and the impact of AIDS.

On behalf of the South African Government, Sonke Gender Justice prepared the South African Country Report for the UN Commission on the Status of Women for 2007. Key themes from the report include a recognition of the stand that men are taking in South Africa against gender violence (including efforts within goverment and by public leaders), concern that men’s violence against women remains unacceptably pervasive and identification of areas where further work needs to be done.

Sonke Gender Justice has a focus on three main programmes:

  • Next Genderation Children and Youth
  • One Man Can
  • Women's Health and Human Rights