Women’s HIV Prevention Tracking Project 

The Women’s HIV Prevention Tracking Project (WHiPT) is a collaborative initiative of AVAC and ATHENA launched in 2009 and envisioned as a tool and a platform for bringing community perspectives, particularly women’s voices, to the forefront of the HIV and AIDS response. The purpose of WHiPT is to advance and facilitate the monitoring of HIV prevention research, advocacy, and implementation by women who are the most affected by the epidemic.

 The project has three ongoing components of:

1) Documentation and analysis of community perspectives and community participation;

2) Documentation and analysis of relevant policies; and

3) Capacity building for affected communities in HIV prevention research and advocacy.

 The pilot phase of WHiPT monitored and documented concerns around the imminent implementation of medical male circumcision (MMC) for HIV prevention and its implications for women in South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Kenya, and Uganda. Country partners included the AIDS Legal Network, SWAPOL, Namibia Women’s Health Network, WOFAK, Mama’s Club, and the Health Rights Action Group.

Making Medical Male Circumcision Work for Women

Making MMC Work for Women - Report Summary

Making MMC Work for Women - Namibia

Making MMC Work for Women - Kenya

Making MMC Work for Women - South Africa

Making MMC Work for Women - Swaziland

Making MMC Work for Women - Uganda