Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Advancing the Recognition, Protection, and Fulfillment of Women’s and Girls’ Human Rights, Comprehensively and Inclusively, as a Fundamental Component of the Response to HIV and AIDS

HIV thrives where the rights of all are not upheld, respected and protected, and the rights of women and girls in all our diversity are inextricably linked and overlap with the rights of people who identify as LGBTQ, people who use drugs, and people who engage in sex work among others. ATHENA therefore aims to advance the recognition, protection, and fulfillment of women's and girls' human rights, comprehensively and inclusively, as a fundamental component of the response to HIV and AIDS. While some of our projects (such as the project to draft "10 Reasons Why Criminalization Harms Women") take an explicit rights-based approach, we strive to use a framework of human rights in all of our work.