Founding member status is recognized for ATHENA’s historical record, and for the purpose of acknowledging the original commitment made to establish ATHENA and to articulating its mission.

Founding members are individuals and entities who were in attendance, or participated in the preparation for the founding retreat, held 6-8 July 2005, in New Haven, Connecticut.

Founding member status does not otherwise signify additional rights or responsibilities vis-à-vis the Network.


  • Action Canada for Population and
  • Development (ACPD), Canada
  • Blueprint for Action on Women andHIV in Canada, Canada
  • Center for Health and Gender Equity(CHANGE), USA
  • Center for Reproductive Rights
    (CRR), USA
  • Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM), Argentina
  • Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC),
  • Human Rights Watch (HRC), USA
  • International AIDS Society
    Women’s Caucus, Global
  • The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS
    (ICW), Global
  • Ipas, Africa, Asia and Central, North and South America
  • The Living Together Project, South Africa
  • Thai Women and HIV/AIDS
    Taskforce, Thailand


Julia Andino, USA
Mabel Bianco, Argentina
Louise Binder, Canada
Luisa Cabal, USA
Tyler Crone, USA
Nazneen Damji, USA
Maria de Bruyn, USA
Peg Frank, Canada
Gregg Gonsalves, USA
Marjorie Hill, USA
Beri Hull, USA
Joyce Hunter, USA
Jodi Jacobson, USA
Hannah Jansen, The Netherlands
Jennifer Kitts, Canada
Monruedee Laphimon, Thailand
Lydia Mungherera, Uganda
Priya Nanda, USA
Betsi Pendry, South Africa
Violeta Ross Quiroga, Bolivia
Cynthia Rothschild, USA
Rebecca Schleifer, USA
Nichanun Sodchuen, Thailand
Ida Susser, USA
Janet Walsh, USA
Alice Welbourn, UK
MariJo Vázquez, Spain
Rachel Yassky, USA