Bridging and Engaging Communities

It is our belief that real change can only happen through strategic and meaningful partnerships formed with a common goal. ATHENA therefore remains committed to reaching across sectors to collaborate with organizations and individuals that do not technically focus on advancing gender equity in the response to HIV and AIDS, but that nonetheless address issues of gender equity and social justice in their work.

Such partnerships have produced fruitful dialogues and powerful reports with colleagues promoting issues such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, and engaging men and boys for gender equity.

The Women's Networking Zone (WNZ) is an ongoing venue in which ATHENA works together with different partners to create a space for women and girls and those working for the rights of women and girls to network, collaborate, and learn from and with each other. Held at the IAS International AIDS Conferences since 2006, the WNZ has become one of the platforms for which ATHENA is known, and it continues to grow in new ways at each Conference.