COVID-19 Action Alert


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    Adolescent girls and young women are watching, our rights and lives matter!

    Across the world, the public health emergency posed by COVID19 continues to impact and unfold in multiple and intersecting ways in our communities. A crisis has the power to make the invisible visible. When it comes to adolescent girls and young women and COVID19, this is certain because while COVID19 is a public health crisis, it also lays bare the inequities and injustices that plague the world. COVID19 has reinforced existing inequalities across race, gender, age, and across countries.

    This statement affirms and reinstates support to the rallying calls already made by various civil society and feminist networks. In particular, those calling on governments and stakeholders to utilize human rights approaches guided by the principles of equity and non-discrimination; Centering on the most marginalized people and ensuring that everyone has access to necessary information, support systems, prevention tools, treatment and resources during the current dual pandemics of HIV and COVID-19. Now more than ever, we need to fulfill our commitments of the SDGs to reach the furthest behind first and remedy historical injustices and inequities.