International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence 2021

International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence 2021

Adolescents Living Our Best Lives: HIV and Beyond - This is the theme of this year's International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence, which will take place on 29-30 September and 6-7 October.

Have you recently heard a young person talk about "living their best lives"? That is what we are wanting to explore during this year’s international workshop. In previous workshops, we have focused on a number of areas that speak to the HIV-specific needs of adolescents living with and affected by HIV. This workshop aims to look at the fuller lives of adolescents, including their mental health, experiences of violence, the social and economic contexts they grapple with, how they use digital technology to navigate the world, and how they take control of their own health and lives. These topics have an impact on the ability of adolescents to lead healthy lives.

Join us to hear from experts, many of whom are young people, to learn about tried and tested initiatives and strategies that support adolescents to be healthy and live their best lives!

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Youth Engagement

All delegates that are 25 years of age and below are eligible for a waived registration. Additionally, all delegates 30 years of age and below are eligible for a 50% discount on the current registration fee. If you qualify, please submit your application here:

Abstract Submission is open!

Deadline: Friday, 30 July 2023


Abstract Topics

  • Developing Resilience: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Adolescents
  • Digital Technology: Connecting, Informing, and Delivering Adolescent SRH and HIV Services
  • Into the Future: Biomedical HIV Prevention, HIV Treatment, and the Cure
  • Key Populations
  • Self-Care: Empowering Adolescents to Take Charge of Their SRH and HIV Care
  • Staying Safe: Addressing Gender-Based Violence and Violence in the Home
  • Social Protection and Economic Interventions: Driving Better HIV and SRH Outcomes for Adolescents

In addition to these topics, the following two topics are cross-cutting for all sessions.

  • COVID-19 & Adolescence
  • Adolescence-Friendly Health Services

We accept two kinds of abstracts

Research Abstracts: Present the latest results from your study or research and discuss your findings with an expert audience.

“Lessons Learned” Abstracts: What worked and what did not work? Share your experiences and exchange ideas with a multidisciplinary audience.

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