Achieving #WhatWomenWant means putting accountability into action. #WhatWomenWant is a global movement, led by the ATHENA Initiative. It is a campaign powered by women, especially young women, who want to be meaningfully involved in making real, lasting change for women and girls. It uses social media, consultation, and innovative platforms to reach and engage women in all our diversity. #WhatWomenWant creates platforms for women to lead and to make their voices heard, to connect with others, to inform the HIV response with their lived expertise and to build connections with and between different issues, sectors, and movements. Fundamentally, it works to ensure that the most affected are at the center and their solutions are prioritized.

A common thread running through all the #WhatWomenWant activities has been the power and potential of meaningful accountability. Women and especially young women want more than consultation. They want the opportunity to hold to account governments, donors, multilateral agencies, policy makers, program leads, researchers, and others who make decisions that affect their lives.

To support this, ATHENA has developed #WhatWomenWant: A toolkit for putting accountability into action

This toolkit provides a framework for accountability in action, to put women and girls in all of their diversity at the center and to bring a feminist, gender transformative lens across policy development, program implementation, research, strategies, and initiatives. Throughout, we offer examples of effective ways to inform, engage, and foster leadership among women, including young women and adolescent girls, and provide ideas for everyone to take part in meaningful accountability including women themselves, Governments, donors, and policy makers. The toolkit is a living document that will be expanded and updated as we continue to learn, grow together and
advance a shared vision.

In addition to the full toolkit, the strategies for accountability are also available as separate modules:

1. Accountability in action: Engaging with new tools and technologies

2. Accountability in action: Involving women and girls as active participants and in ongoing consultation

3. Accountability in action: Translating strategies and guidance to support effective implementation

4. Accountability in action: Strengthening engagement with multilaterals

5. Accountability in action: Making high level commitments accessible

6. Accountability in action: Holding decision-makers to account

7. Accountability in action: Addressing gender-based violence through the HIV response

Building blocks for engagement and consultation