16 Days of Activism

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ATHENA is deeply invested in creating a world where everyone is able to live and thrive in safety, with dignity and equality as they enjoy their health and rights. We therefore see the #MeToo movement as a watershed moment for transformation. As we mark these 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-based Violence, we see a unique opportunity for action and change from a period of crisis and awareness.

We want you to create a virtual table with us so that we are:

  • Amplifying and opening a bigger feminist and broader societal conversation on #MeToo and #AidToo
  • Surfacing lived experiences and cataloguing practical solutions
  • Maintaining external pressure on institutional and individual action
  • Contributing to the mobilizing of civil society and women’s movement to end sexual harassment and abuse of power
  • Fostering dialogue and building bridges between systemic change and lived experience of sexual harassment/abuse

Through International Human Rights Day and beyond, we will collaborate with young women and young women’s organizations to surface the breadth and depth of lived experiences as we identify practical solutions towards the societal change needed to end sexual harassment and abuse of power through partnership, dialogue, and debate.

If you are interested to partner with us, reach out to comms.athena@gmail.com

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ATHENA welcomes you to follow our social media pages for updates and to learn more on what ACTIONS young women and girls are taking in their communities to DEMAND CHANGE, their expertise and policy priorities and WHY we should all amplify the URGENCY “End Gender-Based Violence in the World of Work”