Global HIV/AIDS Treatment Access Review Updated Report

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ATHENA Network, AVAC and Salamander Trust have worked with women living with HIV from around the world with support from UN Women to conduct a global treatment access review for women living with HIV. The review was shaped from the outset by a Global Reference Group of women living with HIV.
A four page summary document outlining the review methodology, findings and some key recommendations in a six point plan was released at the International AIDS Conference in Durban on 19 July, in a session at the Women's Networking Zone.
The full report will be released later this year. It is an urgent must-read, since the findings have some major implications for those considering the real life experiences of women living with HIV in relation to treatment access, care and support - and longterm adherence, in the context of UNAIDS' 90-90-90 targets.
There are some key barriers facing women - and some key solutions. With many thanks to our global reference group of women living with HIV in all their diversities from around the world. Read more about the Global Review of HIV/AIDS Treatment Access here.