International Human Rights Day: #WhatGirlsWant Issue 1

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On International Human Rights Day, we are pleased to share the first in an occasional series of issue briefs, #WhatGirlsWant Issue 1: Meaningful participation and engagement.

Launched on the 2017 International Day of the Girl, #WhatGirlsWant is a new development and expansion of the #WhatWomenWant campaign, creating space for girls and young women to lead, define their own priorities, and articulate the issues that affect and matter to them. With #WhatGirlsWant ATHENA is creating space for an advocacy strategy and campaign that reflects the distinct experiences of girls and young women, and that fosters inter-generational dialogue and advocacy. We are building the momentum, traction and movement of #WhatGirlsWant into a platform for action and information sharing, and co-creating an inter-generational and intersectional feminist agenda that recognizes the leadership, insights and perspectives of girls and young women.

This first issue brief provides a step-by-step guide to seeting up a #WhatGirlsWant consultation group as a platform for participation, engagement and accountability.