ATHENA Network December 2019 Update

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Reflecting Backward, Celebrating Forward

Dear sisters, allies, friends and partners,

In 2019, together we (ATHENA Network core team members, collaborators, members, allies and partners) worked towards important feminist wins in the HIV response; collectively advocated for systemic change for a gendered and gender trans-formative HIV response; and committed ourselves to bring forward as well as create space for the lived realities, expertise and voices of those who are all too frequently most left behind in the response.

Thank you to everyone who has been and continues to be a part of building community with us, especially in these times of seismic change across the globe, within our HIV and women’s movements.
In 2019, we made magic together, held space for each other, and boldly dismantled the patriarchy, addressed inequalities and collectively called for a feminist HIV response!

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